Supplies List with Links for Sourdough

Here's a list of the products I use with the links attached!

This is the #1 product I get questions about. 
This is what I use for the majority of my scoring designs. 

I feel like this scraper is mandatory in shaping:

A bread lame is essential for doing the main score down the middle of the loaf to get an ear. This is what I use:

This is the flour I use:

I use these wheat berries to sprout to add to my loaves. 
You can also grind this in your own mill for fresh flour.

This is the main flour I use in my bread:

I use this to dust flour on my loaves before I score:

I like these proofing baskets:

This brush is good for brushing off excess flour on loaf or on the sides:

My favorite Sourdough book, BUY IT!

This is a good basic dutch oven. The lid can be used as a base to bake your bread on.

These are my favorite!! They are pre-cut squares that I cut into a circle with handles on the side so I don't burn my hands.

Seeds for the outside of your loaf:


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